How to choose the best rosin press?

Will you read the highlights of the product carefully before buying a rosin press? Maybe you think this is a waste of your time, or think that the dealer is bragging, but I strongly recommend that you read it carefully, of course. It is recommended to have a look at the product review about these products. This is very necessary and helpful!

Now let's talk about the highlights of Rositek RNP4 and how it affects your extraction experience.

Features and Effects

1) 4-ton durable vertical bottle jack.

  • Vertical jacks are widely used in the production of rosin heat presses.
  • Poor quality jack caused leaking or didn't hold pressure.
  • Each jack has been tested more than 10 times before the customer gets it.

2) Solid frame withstands up to 5 tons of pressure.

  • Weak frame will lead to reduced service life.
  • Strong frame to ensure transportation safety.

3) Built-in dual accurate temp controllers device.

  • Inaccurate temperature will reduce rosin yield and quality.
  • Built-in controller for easy replacement.

4) Replaceable car jack and temp controllers.

  • Easily replacing the original car jack.
  • Simply take out PID temp controllers.

5) Great heat insulation performance.

  • Minimize heat transfer to the jack to increase its life.
  • Each heat insulator is 15 mm in thickness.

A good rosin press must be customer-centric, and there must be a certain guarantee in terms of product quality and service life.

Each model of Rositek rosin press has been tested and optimized hundreds of times. In order to ensure the long-term service of rosin press to our customers, we recommend proper maintenance and maintenance after each use.